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My 50th Birthday...


Once I thought that I'd never actually reach the unimaginable age of 50 ("Hope I die before I get old..."  etc.) but it seems like I was wrong on that, as with so many things!

Still, I managed to have a party, and I'm pleased to say that many friends came from various parts of this and other countries. Judging by the beer consumption, and one or two stories I heard, a good time was had by all (mind you, I don't know who the good time was...). We stupidly did not think to use our camera until late, so I have no good pictures, however, there are a couple below, with a few dodgy characters in view, (those who weren't in the garage where the beer was!) before everyone got plastered… I and Ang would like to extend our thanks and love to all who made the effort, and of course to those who I know would have liked to be there, but could not be. Thanks also to all for cards, presents etc., I'm afraid that as a non-gregarious person really, I got a bit overwhelmed by a stream of people, some of whom I'd not seen for many years, walking up and saying "Hi", and started to lose the plot a bit (or was I just pissed? -don't answer that!). Still, I hope I managed to speak to everyone! Thanks again to you all, should you read this, I hope we get to do it again, the garden is almost back to looking like a garden rather than Isle of Wight 1970 now.... :v)


-Dermot and Ang.