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2006 Honda CBR1100xx Blackbird



Bought in Dubai, where BB’s are very rare, who knows why…? A very nice motorcycle, less vibration and quicker handling than the X-11, despite sharing about 90% of it’s parts. Despite its age, it's still good for 295kph...



Put the BB into ‘retirement’ until it gets shipped to UK whenever I leave the UAE….


Valve clearances done, only 2 were out of spec. also deleted the PAIR system and rethreaded one exhaust stud, plus new chain & tyre (Shinko!).


The BB is getting some badly needed maintenance. Valve clearances and general stuff, plus new rear chain and rear tyre.


Replaced front brake light switch—gone intermittent. LH and rear pads were shot, replaced all. Cleaned/adjusted rear chain.


Oil change, new oil & air filters and new rear chain.


The BB get some improvements. Fitted the hugger from my crashed X-11, and also the PC-3 as well (removed the Techlusion box). Two new tyres also.


New tyres...


Finally fitted an electronic flasher unit so the led indicators blink at right speed! Knock sensor FI light came on a few more times, unplugged/plugged ECM and it went away...


New rear tyre, had to be a 190 as no 180’s are available...  :(


The BB now has it’s nice new paint, plus a Teclusion box, 02 eliminator and the old Yoshimura RS3 4-2-1 from my X-11 (the X-11 got a new Carbon Fibre RS3 Yoshi because it’s more visible than on the BB).


After the X-11’s rebuild, stripped the scratched panels, fairing, tank etc. from the BB and have sent for repainting with new decals, in metallic black (as it is now). I’ll also add the Teclusion box I have for it and 02 sensor eliminator, before I put the panels back. If I feel rich, I may get it a Yoshi RS-3, just like the X! Got dark lenses for the front indicators and replaced rear indicators with a LED taillight with built-in indicators. The gearing needs to go back to BB 44T rear, imho.


Replaced the rear chain with new DID 530, much better now. Using X11 gearing (43t rear) instead of 44t BB. Front sprocket was fine. I may change the camchain tensioner, I have a feeling it needs it. Think I’ll get dark lenses for the front indicators & a darker screen, it’s only bling, but...


Decided to change the rear brake pads, because I know the linked brakes give them a hard time. They were fairly worn, ’tho not critical. Also checked the fronts, which were perfectly ok.  Bought a LED rear light assembly which got rid of the rear indicators also. Rear tyre needs replacing already! -Swapped rear wheels with the Joy of X, which instantly proved that the rear chain is knackered (the Joy has a new rear sprocket).

Collected the new toy and it passed it’s test ok. Initial checks only show that the fairing paintwork has a lot of superficial marks—no big deal. Mechanically, it seems very good.. “never raced or rallied” judging by the way it runs. The rear chain seems a bit tired though.