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Living in Dubai

I moved to Dubai at the beginning of 2008, and I can’t say I regret it, although I miss family and friends of course.  Over time I may manage to populate this page with pictures etc.!
At the end of 2008 my kids came to see me at my new home, here are some pictures;


Christmas in Dubai is slightly surreal, above is the (in)famous Ski Dubai, the indoor Ski slope which is part of the Mall of the Emirates. Also, one of the many over-the-top christmas trees.....

David and Honor quadbiking at “Big Red”, a famous large dune outside Dubai, on the way to a place called Hatta.

Above, David and Andrew at “Big Red”...  Below, Andy seemed to like the experience!

It’s not very obvious, but above is a large “fountain” - the water flows down cables strung from the roof, several stories above....
Above, Andy playing with a pet monkey.  Andy realised this was a bad idea when, in quick succession, it pinched his neck chain and then the camera!

Honor and father.....


Above, by Dubai creek, the Burj Dubai is just visible at left of the flagpole in the middle. You can tell it’s TALL because the other buildings you see, are skyscrapers themselves!