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Ex-World Endurance Racing Yamaha FZR750R


The FZ is named Swampy as that was one rider’s description of it’s handling...

The bike is still almost exactly as it was when it stopped racing.


    Here, Swampy poses in the pit lane at Suzuka, before the 8 Hours..

    ...and here, parked on my drive..

    The rear Brembo caliper and disc.

    And this is how you fill it up, with one quickfiller still fitted.


For Petrolheads - swampy's spec;


Racekitted FZR750 with kit cams, pistons, oil pump, close ratio gearbox, crank, ignition 'black box', alternator (really). Kit radiator. Kit exhaust (can't remember the year 'tho). Kit fuel pump. Carrillo rods as race kit ones wouldn't last 2 hours in an endurance, let alone 24...Carbs are modified FZR1000 also. Extra plate in the clutch & different springs. End caps on crankcases replaced with CNC machined heavy duty ones. Thermostat removed.


Old style 'Genesis' chassis with all extraneous bits ground/cut off. FZR1000 forks, shortened a lot and modified for QD push through wheel spindle. CNC manufactured top & bottom steering yokes. 17" Magnesium Dymags, Lockheed full floater front disks & magnesium calipers, with custom QD pip pin mounts. Rear brake caliper and disk brembo goldline, modified for pip pin pad retention. Standard rear swingarm modified for QD spindle and wheel. Footrests and associated linkages CNC manufactured. Ohlins race rear shock and CNC manufactured linkage. Yamaha racekit steering damper. Handlebars and clamps from Honda racekit parts.

The Rest

Woven fibreglass replica of standard fairing with high screen and QD mounts. Standard seat modified. Standard tank with full quickfiller fittings and baffles added. Custom wiring loom. Revcounter (kit) and temp gauge only. Full lighting, modified from standard, but no indicators or other extraneous crap. No stands, except a push on prop bar. Running Bol D'or gearing on the road, so should be good for 165 mph or so...

Things it hasn't got

A Speedo, an MOT, and a docile nature.