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Tigerishka is my custom-painted and lightly modified 2016 Yamaha MT-10. The name comes from a 60’s science fiction story by Fritz Lieber, “The Wanderer”.


Tigerishka's Spec:

Decatted with Scorpion SS link pipe and RP1 carbon can. Evotech Rad and oil cooler covers. Evotech pillon peg removal covers. R&G LH and RH engine case sliders. R&G tail tidy. R&G offset cotton reels. R&G Aero crash bungs. CustomLED X-Blaster integrated LED tail light. Yamaha wind deflectors. Woolich Racing logging, autotune and ECU flashing setup with additional o2 sensor in link pipe. PAIR disabled and deleted, EXUP removed. Innovv “always on” on-board front/rear logging camera setup. Puig high screen. Airbox modified to delete the air horn section. Added a Yamaha Comfort seat as well. Custom “Yamaha 60th Anniversary” paint job to my design by Dream Machine in UK. Originally the bike was Night Fluo!


A new chain and 2 new tyres for the MT (Metzler M9's), also added the rear retained wheel spacers, the fronts are about 1mm a side too wide, so I'll be tweaking those, lol.


Tigerishka hit 39,000 Km's today on our National Day and Matias rememberance run.


New rear tyre last month. Due a new chain, also I will fit retained wheel spacers as the standard ones are a real pain, I already modified the various points on the rear brake mount to make it fit more easily. I will also add one tooth to the front sprocket as it hits the rev limiter in top sometimes.


Haven’t updated for a while… several oil/filter and one air filter change, also 2 sets of Mita tyres, they seem pretty good in these conditions (dry, empty roads…).  Nothing else to add, as nothing whatsoever has gone wrong etc.


Full oil and filter change.  Chain and wheels cleaned up.


Pair of new Mitas tyres fitted for short jaunt to Oman before xmas, all went well...


New Lithium battery fitted. New EBC 380HH pads fitted, old ones only about half worn.


New front tyre… needs a new battery really...


New DID rear chain fitted. Need a new front tyre!


New Metzler Racetec rear tyre. Need a new rear chain...


Oil and filter change. Installed new power supply for the Innov cams which autostarts when it detects engine vibration. Hopefully will give more reliable recording.


New Metzler Racetec’s, I did not like the grip of the Rosso’s although they lasted very well (the MT went on a tour of Oman on them…).


Oil/Filter change @ 11k km. Pair blanking done. Airbox altered and sorted out tankbag power cable. Below the deleted chunk of airbox!


New F/R Pirelli Rosso 3’s, not my favorite make but we’ll see, they’re a bit more touring oriented. Fitted SW-Motech electric tankbag mount fittings for planned Oman trip later.  Still need to fit PAIR blank kit and change oil… Innovv DVR still hangs sometimes, not clear why.


Rear tyre shot already… :( Hmm perhaps I will go away from Bridgestone BT21’s. Innova DVR seems to be OK but can still reboot on startup, I will mod the wiring a bit. Also got a pair blanking kit as I have a feeling that disabling with the ECU is not enough, I suspect it still bleeds some air.


New rear tyre. Oil change. Tweaked the fueling somewhat and its definitely better. The Innova DVR ‘box’ failed again, but they again replaced it FOC!  Have to see how that goes…


Fitted higher Puig screen, and had to replace the Innovv camera ’control box’ as it failed: they sent a new one FOC. I altered the power supply slightly as it seemed to me that this might have had something to do with the box failing (its run from a 12V <> USB converter normally). So far, the new one seems to be operating ok.


Changed a few suspension settings… also a higher Puig screen is on the way.


Ok, Tigerishka now has a Woolich Racing ECU flash kit installed, allowing me to log it via an extra o2 sensor in the link pipe and reflash it. The PAIR is disabled, the speed limiter is deleted and so is the EXUP. I’ve removed the side reflectors but I think I will keep the standard mirrors. She also had her first oil change and is run in… :)

I also installed a pair of on-board cameras from Innovv—very small and weatherproof, as you can see:



Planned for future: ECU flash, PAIR valve disable, better handlebar grips, new mirrors, remove the side reflectors...