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The list on this page is not in chronological order….

 ...because I can’t be bothered. So you’ll have to guess which I owned when.. There are cars too, but they’re all at the end of the page!

XS1100 1.1s

A favorite, a very much nicer bike than you’d expect, not at all like the XS1100 battleship, I’d still like to own one. Mine seen seen below at the top of the Timmelsjoch pass in Austria, one of the highest passes in fact.

Around 2500M I think... and not summer either!       

1975 Ducati 750 Sport

Bought new, state of the art for its day and would run rings round any bike on the road!

1974 Ducati 750 Sport

The 2nd one of these I owned was second hand, older and not as nice as the first, although it was painted by me quite nicely in non-standard silver/red, sadly the pic is not good, seen here somewhere in Italy… note the 2 spotlights under the tank.


Ducati Darmah 860

My Darmah was “SS-ized” whilst I owned it and had quite a few trick bits, including prized Scuderia stickers, sand bent works rep exhaust, big carbs etc. 

Honda VF750F

This was one of my favorite bikes, and was actually constructed out of “spare” parts when we used this model in endurance racing. I’ve given it it’s own page HERE.

Devimead BSA 750 Spitfire

Fast for the time with about 750cc, this was an ex production racer and needed detuning before I could start it, let alone drive it on the road! Lots of modifications...

Royal Enfield Constellation

Rather forgettable despite being quite unusual..

BSA Spitfire

Only secondhand bike I ever bought from a dealer, and in fact it was very nice—until some scrote nicked it, mine was red and had normal exhausts and the large tank (as below), not the silly shoebox one.

BSA A10 chop

This was home built and, ahem, interesting. It was reliable, but messy...

Norton Dominator 99

My first big bike, bought from a back garden for 80, I then proceeded to turn it from a reliable, nice bike, to an overtuned disaster, still live and learn! Thanks for the pic below Mac!

Norton Jubilee 250

The less said about this, the better. NOT a fun machine. Mine was silver if I remember (but I don’t want to remember…). 

Vespa 125 scooter

My first legal transport. 3 15 shillings as a non-runner from a house garden opposite my school. 

Yamaha XT500

Loaned from a friend for some “maintenance”, and I hung on to it for a while :). I found it a lovely bike, very pretty and fun!

1973 Bond Bug project

This was a project that I had to abandon due to getting the Jensen. There’s a link to the original page about this here, if anyone needs it.

Ford Granada Cosworth

Big and fast! A very underrated car, and good value for money. 

Citroen CX Familiale

CX’s are one of my favorite 4 wheeled vehicles, a good CX is lovely, this one took the whole family around in style. 

Citroen CX GTi

Again, lovely! Quite fast (about 120 mph) and could surprise a few people.

Citroen Visa GTi

A bit of a buzz-bomb, to say the least. Very light but a reliable car with about 100bhp. 

Honda S800 Coupe

My 1st car, very nice and “built like a watch” applied to this car for sure. The howl and push in the back when it hit the power band was great!